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Sólo le Pido a Dios Que el Dolor No Me Sea Indiferente…



On July 8th Pope Francis held a mass at Lampedusa, an Italian island in between Tunisia and Sicily where recently seven immigrants died struggling to cross the Mediterranean to get to Italy. While approximately 20,000 immigrants have died as they immigrate to Lampedusa these recent deaths were particularly tragic in that a local fishing boat crew decided to cut the nets that the survivors were clinging to allowing them to drown rather than being rescued.

Rome Reports on the Pope’s travel to Lampedusa

The Pope used this opportunity to preach against what he calls the “globalization of indifference” and made the following prayer request:

Let us ask the Lord for the grace to weep over our indifference, to weep over the cruelty in the world, in ourselves, and even in those who anonymously make socio-economic decisions that open the way to tragedies like this.

As I reflected over the Pope’s homily and considered the struggle for promoting Comprehensive Immigration Reform in our own nation I recalled the song “Sólo le Pido a Dios” by Mercedes Sosa, a famous Argentinian folk singer, and the powerful words or prayer that calls us to challenge the social indifference in our society. Below I offer the song as sung by both Mercedes Sosa and Leon Geico for your own reflection. However I also want to leave you with this powerful prayer request from a lyric of her great song.

Sólo le pido a Dios Mercedes_Sosa_2que el futuro no me sea indiferente, desahuciado está el que tiene que marchar a vivir una cultura diferente.
I only ask of God that i am not indifferent to the future, May I be mindful of the one who has to go away to live in a different culture.

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