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An Encouraging Moment for the Christian Church



immigrant crossChristians do not always get along. We argue over ecclesiastical organization (church polity), disagree on theological positions, interpret biblical passages differently, and take opposite views on several social matters. What has been interesting to watch in the immigration debate, however, is how Christians from a wide spectrum of ecclesial and theological traditions have come together to support comprehensive immigration reform.

I do a fair amount of traveling to speak on immigration and a bit of writing on it, too. My area is the biblical and theological foundations for a more open stance to immigrants. I am an evangelical, but I have been with every kind of Protestant denomination imaginable (in church gatherings, seminaries, and universities) and Roman Catholics. I have met amazing people — from academics, to church leaders, to pastors, to lay people working with immigrants “on the ground.” I continue to be encouraged by their passion and learn from their work. I count them as friends; and I probably never would have met many of them if not for immigration efforts.

We are standing shoulder-to-shoulder on this, even though there are some who oppose us. What a wonderful testimony of Christian unity! As we continue to strive for change, let’s also enjoy the journey together with our other brothers and sisters in our common cause. And may these new friendships continue.

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Prof. Danny Carroll


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